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I take Clarkson's side on this, I'm afraid. The BBC should have never let it get to that state, and Cohen has an afwful lot to answer for.
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I wonder if the BBC will go back grovelling, or has that ship sailed now?

I'm not sure that the situation has changed. Clarkson physically assaulted a producer. Time doesn't change that... BBC absolutely shouldn't be revisiting Clarkson on that show - and grovelling would be horrific.

Now the dust has settled the evidence is very clear that Clarkson assaulted the producer which was caused by the pressure put on him by the BBC. It was stated that had a cancer scare at the time. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions and a lot of people who were arguably culpable did not answer for their failures.
The problem was compounded by a certain BBC manager who, (as published in Private Eye) used the situation to promote his position to position himself for the DG's job. The magazine alleged that he briefed against Clarkson & Tony Hall to the Daily Mail. Clarkson in the Guardian ...
“Everybody thinks that the BBC was a bloody nightmare. It wasn’t. Cohen was,” said Clarkson. “The BBC was brilliant to work for until the arrival of Mr Cohen. They never really interfered at all. But he was a bloody nuisance and caused me an enormous amount of stress.”
He 'left' the BBC very quickly after that.
The show should have been licenced to Chump & Sons to produce it away from interfering the various BBC little fiefdoms.

What a load of rubbish.
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