I have to say I dont agree with the decision to bring him back. I think Granada Reports are trying to bring back a personality in the war for ratings rather than bringing someone who is credible back. It's a real shame. Having worked at Granada in the past, I know that the newsroom has been through some major changes under different editors - each trying their hardest to get better ratings.

The fact of the matter is that Granada Tonight's old format of a line up containing children, old people and animals wasnt a ratings winner. The new rebranding (or resurection even)of Granada Reports hasn't worked really well.

Whilst Lucy Meacock is a distinguished professional, established face and damn good newsreader, a male needs to be brought on who can 'work with her' and do it well. Mark Owen did that before he went off to HTV. There are so many people in that Newsroom who are excellent presenters but it seems that they don't get a look in.

I'd personally suggest they ditch the new set and look and revert back to the old title music with a virtual reality set like the Channel Four News one. Bring in a team of presenters.. Lucy Meacock, Ann O'Connor and Tina Bangs (ex Radio City - now at the Beeb). For males, they would be able to use Tony Barnes and even Jonathan Morrell - a distinguished face up in the North East!

They need more of a hard news angle, more of a defined structure and they NEED an opt. Granada has one of the largest and most diverse regions around and is one of the only ones that doesnt invest in an opt. Even Border - one of the smallest and most amateurish looking - has an opt for its two audiences. And, like them or loathe them, they work... Granada has Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Chester and Preston - all cities (and, arguably - even Kendal!) yet there is no opt. How can you broadcast a programme from Manchester to cover the whole region in half an hour and expect the viewers to watch. People in Liverpool are sick of hearing about the Lowry or the Trafford Centre. Likewise, the Albert Dock is of no concern to people living in Blackburn.

But bringing Tony Wilson back was a mistake - he is a personality but is not a newsreader, more a presenter. You need serious professionals like the above named individuals to give yourselves any form of credability!