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Mr Voiceover
Sian Lloyd has to be the most annoying weather presenter on ITV. Although C5 do seem to have some quite foxy ladies on the Channel 5 roof - or is it the ITN roof??
Mr Voiceover
square eyes posted:
It's the ITN roof, Grays Inn Road. Now, Channel 5 weather graphics - they are poor.

I know - they're nearly as bad as BBC Breakfast's weather graphics.

Poor old Helen Willets and Isobel Lang having to brave the London weather at 6.00am every morning throughout the year! Smile
Andrew14,537 posts since 27 Mar 2001
square eyes posted:
Yes apparently it was John Mitchell, what a shocker.  

Getting back on topic, I can't think of a sensible reason why John would be doing the ITV National Weather

He can't have left the Leeds Weather centre, he'd been there years!
Also, surely if Sian, Martin and John Hammond were all unavailable, they wouldn't ask someone from Leeds to come all the way down to London,

Or maybe the National Weather came from Leeds today, could that be possible?

Either way, I'm sure we'll find out this week, as YTV only have 3 Weather presenters, and Debbie can't run the show on her own.

Was the LWT Weather also done by Jon Mitchell today?
Steve Naylor
Well I've met Jon Mitchell at the Leeds Weather Centre and he seems a really nice guy - not strictly on topic I know, but I don't see he'd want to leave Leeds.

Also, Debbie Lindley looks quite scary with no make-up, I almost didn't recognise her until she was made up!

YTV Weather comes direct from their Kirkstall Road studios - the weather presenters just pop into the Weather Centre in Leeds in the morning to have the briefing on the day with the Senior Forecaster and Paul Hudsen (or whoever is BBC Weather guy). Jon Mitchell is a forecaster, Debbie isn't - Paul is part of the Leeds Weather Centre and does all the graphics there.

Hope that made sense!
Asa3,725 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
You could just see the banter between Paul and Debbie & Jon.

'We've got better graphics than you!!'

'You haven't got a sarcastic newsreader who get's loads more viewers than your programme!'

Cheers, Asa
Steve Naylor
Sad to say they all seem to get on really well - and they all get the same weather information but YTV get theres at the start of the day and then one afternoon update whereas BBC have continuous updates (they are there amongst the technical wizardry) and talk to national forecaster (doing the main bulletins that day from London) at 1500.
Andrew Wood3,810 posts since 30 Mar 2001
Getting back on topic, I can't think of a sensible reason why John would be doing the ITV National Weather

Is there any 'sensible' reason why he shouldn't be presenting it?

It's not uncommon for regional presenters to go national at times. I remember Central's Bob Warman reading the news on TV-am for a week or so, and also Central West's sports presenter Bob Hall regularly presenting the sports section of ITN's news.