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But at the start of the nineties, the ratings were dropping so from the autumn of 1991 - when it had that relaunch with the theme with the drums - it was moved to Wednesdays in the opposite-Corrie death slot at 7.30, and then for the rest of the nineties it shuffled around between Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but almost always opposite Corrie at 7.30.
Were they trying to kill it off, like they did with Doctor Who by giving it that timeslot in the late 80s?
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Were they trying to kill it off, like they did with Doctor Who by giving it that timeslot in the late 80s?

Well, it was certainly a lower profile timeslot, but it did stay on air for another decade after it moved there - as did Top of the Pops when they moved that to opposite Corrie a few years later - and if they really wanted to axe it, they could have just axed it. And they did need to put something in those slots.

That 1991 revamp wasn't very good, mind, I remember a long piece on Biteback about it saying it had lost quite a bit of its authority and some of the features were a bit shambolic. Sadly the following revamp, when Carol Vorderman took over and it all become pre-recorded, was just boring.
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I remember when it was followed by The Man from Uncle.

In the 60s ? Ironically that’s what some ITV regions showed against it in the 70s

Yes, in the 60’s. TW followed by Totp’s then UNCLE. ITV never stood a chance!

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.... and we have had a glitch This Week studio shot insertion for a few seconds

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Forgot to watch it live. But Howard Stableford hadn't really lost it and was quite brilliant. Just a shame he doesn't live in the UK now so if the series was to return he would be unlikely to return.

Hannah Fry was very good too. I think they would need to include a mere commoner within the presenting mix rather than a techy sciencey bunch if the series was to return. Just so that it doesn't appear too geeky and could be of interest to a wider audience
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I only got chance to watch this tonight, and it was well worth the time.

Some nice nostalgic elements and other retrospectives, such as the former theme tunes during the first 30 minutes, but it soon moved on to a more positive look at how the programme would be if still regularly broadcast today.

I know many think that Click has replaced the remit of TW, and I agree to an extent; but the engineering innovations are not covered, so I don't see why they can't have a ClickExtra type programme fulfilling that role?

Here is the ending, where Maggie Philbin went off script and was pitching for a new series. It includes the theme tune that I remember the most about this programme, from the 1980s. Very Happy
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