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The iconic show returns for a one-off 90 minute special on BBC Four on 22nd November.

I don't know if this a particular anniversary, but it might be an opportunity to bring the show back. In the BBC article, Howard Stableford (who will present, along with Maggie Philbin) talks about bringing the show "to a whole new generation".

I think it could work on BBC Four. I don't think it would have a huge budget or anything, but I don't think it would have to.

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Richard893 posts since 22 Apr 2012
Granada North West Today
I can't help thinking it'll just look like an up-market version of Click these days.

It certainly does need to be more than that. When TW covered computers and the internet in the past it was genuine innovation but now, the majority of the population has access to the internet on their phone and it’s nit so niche.

The 90-minute special will be, no doubt, largely nostalgic, but any new series would need to focus on innovations in medicine and other aspects of science.
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I flippin' love the Divine Comedy... but I've always thought that their TW theme felt somewhat out of place. Embarassed

It's not the worst TW theme, though - that dishonour must surely go to the one used during Carol Vorderman's (brief) time:

Of course, Howard and Maggie presented the show during the period that Paul Hart's trumpet fanfare (posted by RDJ) was in use.
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The Last theme was crap:
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At least it went out on decent theme Very Happy