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Time Warp TV- Monday 10.40pm Granada

(November 2008)

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If you're a TV anorak, then this programme seems just right up your street!

Listed as:

A humorous trawl through Granada TV's archives with presenters Paul Crone and Caroline Hacking]

This seems like a nostalgia overdose featuring presentation, continuity from the time when TV closed down for the night.

As Granada don't promote their local shows anymore, seems it's up to members of the public to do their job for them!

Paul Crone has been asking members of the public for originals of continuity posted on the web, so may be quite entertaining!
I remember seeing Paul Crone doing the appeal for this quite some time ago, glad to see it being shown. I only found out about it by looking at the listings at my mates house. I'm sure they'll probably give it a mention on Granada Reports, should be worth setting the HDD for.
Not much to report from this programme, it felt more like a Granada version of Outtake TV, but there were 2 clips worth nothing...

1) A clip from the 70's with two boys on a singing show with the pre-1985 STV logo in the background.

2) A clip from one of the ITV Telethon's with Bob Greaves not looking too impressed when being custard pied and the whole crowd falling into chaos.

But as said it's a series, so there should be more to come.
yes, I was wondering what sort of show the singing children were in, with the STV logo in the background.

Maybe some sort of childrens inter-regional talent show perhaps?

As for the rest of clips, most of these have been shown on Crones prvious show Remember When? which was to coincide with ITV50.

Good to see a albeit brief glimpse of the Granada dipole in the opening titles.

Roll-on the closedown sequence which will hopefully be seen in a later show. One of the MHP members had an e-mail from Crone asking for the original video tape footage which was posted on YouTube.
Channel 8
The clip you refer to with the STV logo was a Granada production from the 70's called 'Anything You Can Do'. It was indeed an inter-region talent and quiz contest. Each week it featured two ITV regions competing against each other. I seem to remember it was presented by Chris Kelly, although I may be wrong. I can remember watching it as a kid and thinking how nice those logo boards would look on my bedroom wall!!

35 days later

not a bad show in the end..however disappointed that there was nothing about any closedown sequences. Classic music though(pistols/bunnymen/costello) & lots of Bob Greaves/Tony Wilson on it.

One unexpected bonus, on Party People last night whilst discussing the digital switchover in the Granada Region, Rob McLoughlin thanked viewers for viewing Granada regional programmes in the last 50 years..then the closing music was the Granada closedown music!

Nice touch Granada. Also Rob impressed me with his comment that Granada was based in the northwest due to Manchesters high rainfall!
(he was quoting the Bernstein brothers on why they thought there would be a high profit in this area-the weather would keep 'em in watching the box!)

Andy Burnham was also on the show and stated how imortant it is to find a way of keeping regional news going on ITV. Shame Ofcon are doing the opposite!
I watched last night's earlier on the PVR (wish I had recorded Party People now aswell), but that was the best one they've done, primarily because they had Peter Kay and Dave Spikey messing about on Granada Lunchtime Live, from 2002 or so and loads of Granada News bloopers.

Good to see Croney and Hacking basically admitting it was going to be a one series programme, another hint at the ITV cutbacks.

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