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Sofa abandoned after a light comes unsafe in the rafters

BBI45 Central (East) East Midlands Today
Johnr posted:
Alison to Graham Norton : β€œDo you still have your dog?!”

Graham : β€œNo, dead!”


First person to post in 2021!
Meridian AM Recently warned Meridian (South) South Today

Not watching it myself, but seeing a lot of negatively on Twitter and Facebook about the new presenters. (Yes I know they can be negative places in general!)
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Was always going to be comments today but they've been a joy. The phone in is where presenters prove their worth on This Morning IMO and I think they handled it superbly.
Be nicer and more tolerant to each other. Them's the rules.
Dermot slotted in quite nicely but TBH he’s a great all rounder so it’s not too surprising.

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