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Jonwo (previously Jonwo87) 601 posts since 20 Sep 2007
This means he will of course have a long break from This Morning, including the Easter holidays?

No it doesn't. He'll do This Morning in the morning and 5 Gold Rings afterwards.

When they do an item that involves drinking alcohol he has often been heard saying he has to record The Cube/5GR later on.

Elstree is only an hour’s drive from White City so he can get there in plenty of time after he wraps up TM and have their meeting.
BM11966 posts since 2 Jun 2017
London London
Is this the first time This Morning will air on Good Friday and Easter Monday? And presumably live (meanwhile Loose Women is airing extended recorded editions.)

They normally air on Bank Holidays with cover presenters.

I dont remember them airing on Easter before. I am surprised ITV justify the cost.