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The new ITV HQ development was designed with Garden Bridge in mind. Initial sketches showed the bridge leading directly in front of the new building. Such a shame.

Pfft, are you joking? How much do you know of the background to this project – famously known as a vanity project and for good reason?

It's a shame for the ITV development. Not every opinion has to be a grand political statement.
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Meridian (South) South Today
The closing credits for today's show just went really weird just now. Started with 'Presented by' then cut quickly to the slide with 'Line Producer' at the top, then back to the slide with 'Studio Operations Manager' (that should have followed after presented by).

We then cut to the final card where the Head of Production, Executive Producer, Series Director and Editor role is credited - before going back again to the Line Producer card and resuming as normal... just with the ITV Studios Limited 2018 copyright at the bottom. I don't have the video but will post it as soon as it comes up.

For the closing credits that went weird... (skip to 3:36)
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Ore Oduba seems to be popular with The This Morning producers as he covered along with Lisa Snowdon today, wonder if he might get the Friday summer slot or if they’ll opt for Rylan again
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