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The ITV News sting played straight after and Nina just read the headlines as normal. I think it would be much better if Phil said 'Now for the latest news headlines, lets go to Nina Hossain' and then have Nina saying 'Thank's Phil' and then the ITV News sting, maybe? Just so theres a more smooth transition.

I'm not sure that's allowed. I think they have to have a sting before handing over in order to separate the programmes (as TM is sponsored and ITV News cannot be sponsored)

In fact I'm surprised they got away without playing a TM sting in between.
TV Dan
Good ridens to The Hub - will mean a possible reduction in Rylan on the show apart from X Factor and BB chat. More so, I'd rather have more content or longer interviews on the show rather than hearing what other people think of something that was discussed earlier in the show.

Also, love they've finally got rid of those space like chairs to the right of the studio where the bar table is now...
TV Dan
The Hub is gone... not to return.
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