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Joshua2,932 posts since 9 Jul 2005
So, it seems they've turned the old Hub into a second sofa area - completely different style to the rest of the set, more homely. I seem to remember in the early 2000's there were two sofa areas weren't there? It's a nice set up but I'm not sure on the design, the sofa and curtains and garnish yellow paint makes it look a bit cheap.
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London London
Why on earth have try allowed Katie Hopkins back on the show?

I thought she had been banned. It was a much nicer interview with her than usual (possibly because it was an interview rather than a debate) - she's still an abhorrent cow though.
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JCB1,966 posts since 21 Sep 2004
Why on earth have they allowed Katie Hopkins back on the show?

It's the TV equivalent of click-bait. By having her on the show, spewing her paid for opinions, they know they're guaranteed media coverage.

I think it's a shame that they've scrapped The Hub,

They haven't. It's moved and hasn't been finished yet.
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