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I presume the backdrop will be moving? On PS's snapchat it looks like a still image.

If it is moving it is likely to be played from a video server (either externally or integrated into the screen controller solution) - sot it could just be that the source wasn't playing at the time. I doubt they'd go with a still - otherwise they could have done with duratrans or similar light box solutions for the view.
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Obviously can't really tell anything from that small clip or the still you posted above, but the kitchen area looks very old fashioned, I imagine it will look great when seen properly tomorrow though.
Can't wait to see all these new sets for the 4 live programmes tomorrow.
noggin13,970 posts since 26 Jun 2001

Pretty much all you can see. Interesting that TM now have a Jib. Clearly TM and GMB are sharing technical equipment. Makes sense.

Err - they're in the same studio... That pretty much guarantees they will share the same technical equipment. (Doesn't mean both shows will use all the equipment)
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Would a lot of the crew worked on both shows previously and if not is this likely to change?

The crew are identical to those based at TLS. Daytime operations were spun off into a separate 'area' of The London Studios' a couple of years ago. Daytime manages the technical staff directly.
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