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HTV West Points West
A comparison of the old and new set. Angle's not quite the same but I don't think there's much difference in size at all (if any).


It looks to me like the radius/circumference/diameter of each pillar of the TVC set is smaller than their TLS counterparts (particularly noticeable in the case of the corner one). Presumably, this is linked to the wall spaces between each faux-window being less wide than the corresponding intermittent wall spaces at TLS. Also the side wall appears to be at 90 degrees to the back wall, rather than drifting away at a jaunty angle.

Interesting how there is a pillar in front of all three intervening wall sections at TVC, but only alternating ones at TLS. None of these differences are likely to be registered by 99.99% of "average viewers", of course.

Will be interesting to see how convincingly "real" (or not) the faux view comes across on the broadcast programme. I presume that they've filmed just about every conceivable combination of season and weather condition during the last 18 months, and in UHD, to be shown on UHD screens.

If they had chosen to not make a song-and-dance about the move, and literally not said anything about it on air at all (including the explicit references to being able to magically transport the current view with them), then most of their audience may have remained oblivious that anything of note was occurring during the next 4 years or so. Until/unless the faux windows ever fail. I look forward to seeing e.g. picture roll, colour bars, or just total blackness occur on one or more of the many screens at least once during the next few years!
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Border (England)
Thank you Whataday for that video you put together, great to see it all. Loved the ending to Loose Women, that was really nice.
I'm glad these shows made a big deal about the move as it is quite a big deal. Ok some viewers couldn't care less...infact probably most viewers, but who cares about them Very Happy
Monday will be interesting now to see the new sets and to see how much is mentioned
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It would be cool if the TV screen faux view of London tracked with the camera a little, to give a sort of parallax effect. Obviously the view perspective would never fully change properly, but they could have it adjust slightly as the cameras move around the room. Has that ever been done?

I'm not holding out much hope given how atrocious the fake windows on GMB are.
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Did anyone notice the last week from TLS studio’s the projection windows included St Pauls?

I don't think that This Morning at TLS used projection for the 'fake window' on the side wall, think that was direct view screens wasn't it? (i.e. LCD or Plasma? Window frames help a lot with letting you use multiple smaller screens rather than walls of LED matrix)
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