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Steph leaving BBC Breakfast for Channel 4 (October 2019)

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It will be a bit like when Richard and Judy did the same thing.... I give it a year....

I’m not convinced this will be a runaway success, but I thought Richard & Judy’s C4 show was pretty successful in the end, running for seven years. Yes there was the quiz scandal and the ratings dip when they briefly competed with Paul O’Grady on ITV, but it didn’t exactly fail.

The Watch show on the other hand…
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It will be a bit like when Richard and Judy did the same thing.... I give it a year....

I’m not convinced this will be a runaway success

I think C4 know this won't be a runaway success. It's a daytime show which they normally use to fill quotas anyway but at least this means they can make a statement with a live show from their new HQ city without having to put something token in their primetime schedule so it's a win win.
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RDJ posted:
The title is dire. But interesting to announce a show before the studios have even been completed being built yet.

I know there’s been no decision of her future on Watchdog, but it will be a shame if she leaves that too. Though if she does go - they need a hard hitting journalist to take the helm and don’t just put Michelle Ackerley in her place as I predict they will do.

I think Nikki Fox will move into Steph's role, with the lady who was on this series doing a small feature in the studio will do the social media segments.
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If it’s anything like when they revamped Crimewatch, they might just bin it off.
I agree that they'll need someone with journalistic credibility to replace Steph McGovern on Watchdog, but again, I don't think she'll be a huge loss to that show either. I could be wrong but I think hers would be straightforward shoes to fill - Matt Allwright would be a far bigger loss to Watchdog in its current incarnation.

As I said, don't get me wrong - McGovern is clearly a talented broadcaster - but she's not "mainstream" enough to be missed a great deal from Breakfast and Watchdog.

This is my own opinion of course, and apologies to any Steph McGovern fans on here.
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Will be interesting to see what time it's scheduled however the whole 'different' co-host each week seems a bit gimmicky?
The C4 press release comparing it to The Big Breakfast and TFI Friday seems a bit optimistic. Agree with Switched On a different co-host each week does seem very much like a gimmick - surely there is one reasonable presenter they can convince to live in Leeds. Or Chris Moyles.

I think this is destined for early afternoon IIRC, though I do think they should get back into the chat market at 5pm considering they can't compete with The Chase and Pointless with game show formats.

Also don't think this is too much of a coup for C4 or a loss to Breakfast. Yes, she's a familar part of the team but I don't think she's bringing in a huge fanbase. Just seems to me like C4 needed a Northern presenter for a Northern based show and it'll probably work for both of them, in the short term at least. Even if it only lasts a year Steph wasn't going to be reading business news on Breakfast all her life anyway.
I have a feeling this might be on at 5pm or 7:30pm.

5pm becuase that when Channel 4 usually put daytime chatshows on

7:30pm as that's when they have the news which would make scence since this is gonna be a Current Affairs chatshow.
Switched On
She'll without a doubt fail at 5pm unless they really don't care about ratings Zipper

She's no Paul O'Grady or Richard & Judy. Not being nasty, but no one is going to tune in because its Steph McGovern, she's just not a big name.

Fern didn't work at 5pm, granted that was 8 years ago!
I have a feeling this might be on at 5pm or 7:30pm.

Seems a bit late for a show that the press release describes as being a "perfect way to kick start the Channel 4 day".

According to Chortle there were 2 other shows in the running. One presented by Jon Richardson and Lucy Beumont and the other by Rick Edwards and Susan Calman. Steph's pilot was done with Nick Grimshaw.
It was always planned to be a lunchtime show and it’s unlikely that’s changed. I would assume it will be in the slot before Countdown.
Interesting the bids were essentially an ITV backed show, a Sky backed show and the winner is a BBC Studios backed show.

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