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Before the pandemic, wasn't the original idea for The Steph Show to be more of an entertainment based daytime talk show with studio audience (like a UK version of the Ellen DeGeneres Show) rather than the generic magazine type show that doesn't really fit in?

According to Expectation Entertainment's website, indeed:
The new programme will be a mix of entertainment, lifestyle and light current affairs as Steph meets a variety of guests from the worlds of showbiz, politics and beyond. Steph will be joined by a different, well-known co-host each week for a lively look at the topics of the day, as well as consumer affairs, fun features and lots of interaction with the viewers – all filmed in front of a live audience.
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Mo Gilligan is great but agree that the vast majority of Expectation’s comedy entertainment has been dire. The Rob Rinder Verdict didn’t work and the final episode with Stanley Johnson was gobsmackingly bad TV. The Big Narstie Show is crap and whilst I fortunately didn’t see The Alternative Election Night everything I’ve seen and heard since has been terrible.

I’m not sure how they keep getting these commissions away but I am increasingly getting the impression than Ian Katz doesn’t know what he is doing. Some of the commissioning and scheduling decisions have been baffling. Snoop Dogs? I mean WTF. That report a while back about him and Channel 4 was damning.

There’s an over-reliance on existing hits at C4 and I get it because they don’t have a primetime soap to pick up the slack but there’s a lack of new hits coming through and some strange decisions being made.

I absolutely agree. Channel 4 is a total mess at the moment. I think one of its main problems is the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime coming about. I know all channels have been affected by that but Channel 4 seemed to mainly target the young by being 'edgy' but the direction their channel seems to turning into utter chaos.

It's not all bad they got Googlebox and Bake Off. But where are their innovative new formats?

Why did they think launching a new show that's just like a worse version of This Morning, was going to be a hit? The shows got no format what so ever. If it does make the studio, what are they planning thats edgy, innovative and new? Is that just a load of guests that ITV had earlier on in the day? Surely it's also going to be hard to get guests if their gonna film this up north?

I dont claim to be a TV expert but I really dont know what there thinking!
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