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WTA moves to Miami

That's one of Perform's MCRs - possibly somewhere glamorous like Feltham. They handle the distribution of the feeds and add the world feed commentary.

There are some other interesting pics on that feed, including this one of a touchscreen vision mixer, which isn't something I've encountered before:

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Westcountry Spotlight
Eurosport are to provide full Nations coverage, rather than topping and tailing a common feed for their Tour de France and Giro d'Italia cycling coverage this year. Although still to be confirmed due to logistics issues the Vuelta in Spain is expected to be similarly treated at the end of the season. This is a major committment from Discovery to provide multiple whole race feeds over many days.

(Various sources)
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3e in Ireland taking ITV's match coverage of Germany v England, but with their own studio segments. Since TV3 have not had need of sports graphics since losing the GAA rights three years ago, they've unveiled basic titles and lower thirds (but used ITV's team sheet graphics).

Also they've announced they've picked up the rights to all of England's remaining European Qualifiers.
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I found that branding odd. I know the NBC peacock is now Comcast's own logo, but it still seemed odd to use the NBC peacock without the name.