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Brekkie Recently warned Wales Wales Today
Thought for a minute you meant "no action replays" which seemed fine for qualifying rounds but odd for broadcast. Yes, sadly agree as we're seeing across industries Coronavirus is providing the perfect excuse for many organisations to press ahead with changes they've long wanted to make and I expect we'll see the FA Cup suffer as a result, and perhaps even the League Cup scrapped, or at least continue without Premier League involvement.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Just watched this morning's #Club2020 from BT Sport. Excellent programme, maybe will be spoilt with highlights going forward.
SuperSajuuk North Reporting Scotland
Since the start of the World Snooker Championship, I've really liked that the BBC have moved the evening session of all the rounds so far to BBC Four, instead of the pointless nonsense of the past where it was either just one table on the Red Button (with no BBC Two coverage) or an hour of coverage on BBC Two before being cut for a pointless repeat of some ancient programme with the remainder of the feature match being on the Red Button, summarily replacing whatever match was on there previously.

It is a shame that the BBC can't put coverage onto BBC Four prior to 7pm, or indeed clear their schedules for the snooker, because most of the time, when they're leaving main channel coverage to go to Red Button, its just for some old programming they could easily .... not show. I'm aware most of this is to do with the Covid situation, but it is way more reliable and doesn't require everyone to go online to see another table. Thumbs up
Brekkie Recently warned Wales Wales Today
Yes, the evening sessions on BBC4 are long overdue. Still some scheduling oddities - they gave BBC4 two hours tonight from 8-10pm, but tomorrow, when the quarter finals conclude, finish the coverage at 9pm. Similarly breaking away from the morning coverage at midday makes little sense either.

In a time of cost-cutting though it's cheap, already produced, content for around 4 weeks a year for part of the evening on BBC2 or BBC4.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
ethanh05 Wales Wales Today
Over in pre-season friendly territory, Premier Sports are adding yet more strings to their bow - Swindon v Coventry is on Saturday, and they're already heading dangerously close to Sky tactics considering it's being hyped up as 'the battle of the champs', which technically isn't wrong but it's still ultimately Swindon v Coventry.

This joins the weird selection of Dutch friendlies and Celtic's UCL qualifier against KR Reykjavik as relatively pointless endeavours. Premier will take any football it seems.
dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
Some tennis news

Centre Court matches at the WTA event in Lexington are using the Tennis Channel graphics rather than the WTA world feed graphics. Amazon Prime Video are doing their own studio presentation and commentary which is unusual for an International level event but we live in unusual times and there are some big names playing.

FreeSports will be showing the final three days of the UK Pro Classic - made up of players who have qualified through the UK Pro Series events over the last three weeks. FreeSports haven't showed tennis since they showed selected matches from the Swedish Open in July 2018.
Tennis on telly | Hello, good evening, and remain indoors.
Ste Founding member Granada North West Today
Sky Sports NFL to launch as part of a new 5 year deal between NFL and Sky -

Jon Recently warned Central (West) Midlands Today
That graphic really highlights a limitation of Sky’s new channel logos.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Maybe Sky should put a white background behind their logo so you can see it. Wink

Or you know, used a white 'Sky' logo.
JAS84 Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Agreed, there should be two versions of all the logos, for use on light and dark backgrounds.
Jeffmister and ImMaxClaydon gave kudos
Jon Recently warned Central (West) Midlands Today
I think the issue is it’s difficult to make a lighter version of that logo that works for the Sky Sports brand, short of adding a white box around the ‘Sky’ and then you’re pretty much back to where they started. The BT Sport logo is much simpler but much more adaptable to such situations.
JAS84 posted:
Agreed, there should be two versions of all the logos, for use on light and dark backgrounds.

There are. Someone's just used the wrong one.

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