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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
I guess it's an indication of the time of day they're at. Plus why not pack a little bit more information into the scorebar - there clearly isn't enough there!
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Jon Central (West) Midlands Today
I guess it's an indication of the time of day they're at. Plus why not pack a little bit more information into the scorebar - there clearly isn't enough there!

Yes, makes more sense on highlights really than it would on live.

Am I right in thinking that was something pioneered by Channel 5’s coverage?
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
I think C4 introduced a full width graphic which saw the ball move across the screen as the day moved on, and I think C5 had something similar in their early years.
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madmusician Central (West) Midlands Today
I'm pretty sure the timeline was as follows:

Channel 4 used to fade in the top-corner score graphic at the start of each ball in their highlights edits, including information such as who was bowling and batting and the time (see the 2000 Test Match that's currently on iPlayer for this, as they used the C4 highlights programmes as the basis for that edit) - this was the case through until 2002.

In 2003, C4 introduced the bottom-screen graphic for highlights which showed score, batsmen, bowler, other info and that ball that moved across the screen over the course of the day. I personally hated that graphic, as I think I saw it as removing a layer of 'real-time' nature to the edit - which was also spoilt by the Mark Nicholas voice-overs important pieces of action instead of using the live commentary. That style of graphic remained on C4 right through to them finishing at the end of the 2005 Ashes.

The first year of Cricket on Five (2006) saw a similar graphic, as you say Brekkie, with a white bar moving across the screen. Happily, this was altered in 2007 and the white bar was no more, with graphics appearing with the bottom-left scorebox including crucial information, which sometimes included the time. This stayed the same all the way through to 2017 (although with a graphics refresh in 2013, but the graphics were functionally identical, just a fresher look). For 2018 and 2019, the graphics aped the Sky style of infobar, much like we are seeing today from the BBC, and I think we had a clock on the screen at all times then (alongside batsmen's scores, bowler's figures and other info).

We saw today how the BBC/Whisper highlights are going to deviate from how S&V did them for Cricket on 5 and it's all a bit fresh and funky. I can't say that I'm wild on the music packages for key players, but playing in interviews within the edit is a novel approach and (I think) works quite well. I could lose the punditry between each session, too, it just took a bit of 'snap' out of the edit to my mind, but I appreciate that those 2-3 minutes would have been filled by an ad-break on Channel 5, so I guess it's little different really.
Article about how Sky are putting the Premier League on air remotely.
japitts West Country (East) Points West
Something I've never got my head round, Super Rugby in Australia & NZ... Sky have always allowed a very tight slot in their schedules and then put fillers (that are mostly always dropped) immediately afterwards. Typically 1hr 50mins, often 2hours, and today for the Australia game 1hr45mins. Overruns are common.

Yet the Aotearoa competition is getting much more generous, sometimes 3hourly slots. I realise the Kiwis have golden-time rules which potentially mean a longer game, but there do seem to be different scheduling rules here.
rdd Founding member
At the moment what is being run isn’t really Super Rugby as we know it. While it’s being branded (effectively for sponsorship reasons) as if it were, what we really have is two separate tournaments in NZ and Australia, with derbies only and a team in each country on a bye each week. So there are only four games a week instead of the seven there would normally be, so a lot more time. NZ is playing a game on Sunday, so you have one game on a Friday (in Aus), two on a Saturday and one on a Sunday.

So yeah, much longer time slots. What is happening as well, at least with the NZ coverage, is that Sky (UK/Irl) are relaying the entire Sky NZ coverage including pre game, half time and post game (albeit the latter may be truncated if there’s an Australian game after) whereas traditionally coverage was little more than “whistle to whistle”.
robertclark125 STV Central Reporting Scotland
I'd expect that, later in the year, when we have the New Zealand National Provincial Championship (Mitre 10 cup), they'll probably have just the match itself, and post match interviews. I don't expect there to be the full 3 hours on Sky. Incidentally, in the NPC, I support Hawkes Bay, so have a keen interest in the competition!
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Does feel like apart from the small matter of the Olympics the sporting schedule is slowly but surely starting to fill up again.
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thegeek Founding member London London
there's even boxing on BT Sport this evening - live from their studio.

Prem Rugby is back from the 7th of August.
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rdd Founding member
Interestingly PRL will be running full midweek rounds to make up for the lost time, something that is very unusual in rugby outside of Lions tours these days. The Pro14, out of necessity have had to take a different approach to the season, essentially abandoning the regular season bar two rounds of derbies.
ethanh05 Wales Wales Today

Unsurprising, but a nice little pick up nonetheless.

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