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Jeffmister World News
I believe they were hoping they'd be able to cover all matches...

Apparently, the BBC will be able to show additional MOTD programs. It's not clear though exactly what that will entail
The BBC News article says the last top flight match shown on the BBC was in the 1987/8 season. I can't remember how it worked then, were they a regular thing? What was the last match (just in case it comes up in a Zoom quiz this week!)

Arsenal v Tottenham, Sunday 6th March 1988

That was the second year of a two year deal with 7 live matches each for the BBC and ITV. In that era highlights were out of fashion and very few were broadcast. Loads more in this brilliant ebook, which is well worth your time, it’s the definitive read on the subject

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DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
FA Cup completion schedule, earlier than I summised in this thread ....

This will throw a few spanners into the PL Matchweek planning, but these matches will probably be added midweek following.
thegeek Founding member London London
I'd imagine that BT will for the first two weeks, steer clear of Sat 3pm and 5.30pm with their Bundesliga coverage.

The Bundesliga normally have simultaneous kick-offs for all their matches on the final two matchdays (though last year one match on the penultimate day was moved to the Sunday due to Hamburg's match in the Europa League on the Sunday). It does create a bit of a bottleneck for BT if that's the case again this year, especially with the FA Cup on the second of those weekends.
Sorry, but why are free-to-air PL matches being shown on Pick?
Steve Williams
Not paid much attention to the ITV4 repeats of Euro 96 matches, though I have seen a few seconds while channel hopping. I notice tonight's showing of the England vs Germany game has the scoreboard (including clock) and ITV Sport logo, which the other ones I've caught haven't, they've just had a modern recreated scoreboard without clock.

Have these repeats included the original studio coverage too, or is it just the match? I had this match on video one time until my mum decided to record over it with something else (something which happened far too often which led to me eventually keeping my tapes hidden in my room out of her way, she learned how to sellotape the record protect hole when you snapped the tab off so doing that was futile, I had to physically hide the tapes to stop her).

Edit: I notice now they've got to extra time, we're back to the recreated scoreboard- and the picture quality is much higher than it was before. Flipping to ITV4+1, the original graphics are there but the picture's a lot muddier. I'm wondering if this is like the BBC Parliament showings of the 1997 and 2001 elections, where it seems the "dirty" versions were recorded in a lower quality and not always kept? Seemingly they have the main match in the original dirty version, but only a clean version of extra time, or maybe they lost the clean version of the main match and had to use the muddier dirty version, depending on which versions ITV4 would rather be using.

For the matches against Switzerland and Holland, which ITV showed live, ITV4 used the original coverage with clock and DOG, and much of the pre- and post-match coverage (against Switzerland they showed about an hour of the build-up, minus the opening ceremony itself). For the matches against Scotland and Spain, which were live on the Beeb, ITV4 used sequences from the On The Ball-style lunchtime show as ostensible "build-up" and then the coverage had a scoreline, but no clock or DOG. They were doing overnight full replays of matches in those tournaments, so presumably the match edits came from there.

The Germany match last night was a bit interesting, because the initial build-up at the start, with Bob and Glenn Hoddle, actually came from their coverage before the other semi-final. Both semis were on the same day, one at 4pm and the England game at 7.30, and both channels showed both. There was very little build-up to the England match later, because that first semi-final went to penalties and so didn't end until about 6.50, and because ITV wanted to squeeze in Corrie they cancelled the news and started the coverage of the England game at 7.20, so it was very brief (the Beeb cancelled Neighbours, kept the news and started their coverage at 7.10).

As you say, oddly they had the clock and DOG for normal time, but not for extra time. Not a clue what happened there.

One of my favourite bits on the Friday Night Armistice came that week, as we had all the "Achtung Surrender" stuff in the press and all the papers falling over themselves to back England more than their rivals and complaining about people not being sufficiently patriotic, and they pointed out that on the night of that match, the Daily Mail's Pick of the Day in their TV guide was Wildlife Showcase on BBC2, and did a bit about how "unpatriotic" the Mail were. I also remember one of the the other disappointments of the night was that BBC1 was supposed to be showing an episode of series one of One Foot In The Grave after it, which went for a burton due to extra time, and I hadn't seen that one for years and was looking forward to it.

Be interesting exactly how these extra BBC/Prime Video fixtured are carved up.

Will the PL ask for a remaining high profile games to go to the BBC, or will they be fed the dregs from the remainder?

Because with some tasty top of the table clashes still to be played, you'd think they wouldn't be happy with having to talk up West Ham vs Norwich as the must see game of the week.

Given the Beeb wouldn't usually have had any live matches at all, I'm sure they'll be happy with whatever they're given. They'll be able to show everything that happens via MOTD (which, with matches stretching over a whole day, will become more important, not less) so they'll have everything covered. And Norwich vs West Ham would be a key game in the relegation battle anyway.

Jonwo posted:
I imagine weekend afternoon games will be ruled out for the BBC since it would clash with the Daily Briefing unless they go for 1230. I think they'd be tempted by Thursday and Friday matches and possibly Wednesdays.

Given every channel barely knows what they're doing next week, I think it's a bit pointless to be predicting what the Beeb will be doing several weeks in advance. As mentioned, it's not like they only have one channel. Same with suggesting BT will miss out matches for Bundesliga coverage. They'll be happy with whatever they get. It's like arguing in a normal year the Beeb shouldn't buy the World Cup in case any of it clashes with Wimbledon.
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thegeek Founding member London London

because they're Sky's matches, it's a Sky-owned channel, and it's on Freeview?
JAS84 Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Exactly. It had to be either Pick or Challenge.
Jon Central (West) Midlands Today
At least they apologised in advance of their stupid question. Obviously the poster is worried about missing a rerun of Stop, Search, Seize.
Amber Avenger Granada North West Today
Might have missed this, so apologies, but are there still plans for the last day of the season for all games to kick off at the same time? Could be interesting if not if there are things still in the balance.
ethanh05 Wales Wales Today
Might have missed this, so apologies, but are there still plans for the last day of the season for all games to kick off at the same time? Could be interesting if not if there are things still in the balance.

They need to be at the same time realistically - if teams know the results they need to get before they play, we'll be seeing another Disgrace of Gijon.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
I suspect that they’ll be staggered, matches that are critical to relegation and European Qualification being the exception.

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