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So Eurosport SA have issued an emergency update to the Eurosport Player on AppleTV, which seemingly has added many AO replays back into the system. However 'Ealier' for 'Earlier' on today's schedule doesn't display confidence. We'll see in 70mins or so.
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Well if it can't cope with the Aussie Open at 8am on a Tuesday morning it has no chance come the Olympics.

Jumping so far it’d win you a medal - highly unlikely that would be down to demand. Especially given the time it has apparently taken to fix. And - like any technical problem - they’ll learn from what happened. If there is something that can be changed / improved anticipated then it’ll be done.

Yeah put it on satellite like the Germans have.
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Sounds like it's Bundesliga themselves who've done the work, and AWS are sponsoring it.


I'm not sure I describe getting a computer to notify you when it thinks the next goal is going to be scored based on statistics, or giving you better recommendations on what matches to watch is really a "next generation experience".

Just to follow up on this, sounds like this is also coming to the Six Nations this year, again branded as AWS but actually being done by established sports data company Stats Perform.
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UTV Newsline
Niall Quinn has been appointed as the new interim deputy chief executive of the Football Association of Ireland.


"In addressing the current challenges facing the FAI, the executive team want to ensure that the organisation's core objective of the promotion and development of the game of football in Ireland is prioritised.

"Niall’s role with the team will focus on leading a future League of Ireland strategy, the overall development of the game in Ireland, including supporting grassroots and community initiatives together with our player pathway programmes.

"Niall will also focus on helping restoring and building key relationships and trust with key peer groups and the media."

He is currently a football pundit on Virgin Media Sport's Euro 2020 Qualifier & Champions League TV coverage.

How does this new position affect his role at VM in future? Does he still stay in the job or does he have to leave that job as per his new contract with the FAI. He doesn't say anything at all about how long his role will last with the association. It seems like his new role will go on for an unspecified length of time.

Will VM now have to look for a new pundit for their football coverage?
DVB Cornwall8,880 posts since 4 Dec 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
New pop-up FA Cup Channel on BBCiPlayer this weekend.

The full schedule on The FA Cup pop-up channel is as follows:


10:00 FA Cup Rewind Round 4 Part 1

11:00 FA Cup Rewind Round 4 Part 2

12:00 Round 4 Cup Classic from 2015: Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4 edit 12’

12:10 MOTDx FA Cup Fourth Round Preview

12:15 Live: Brentford v Leicester City – two alternative audio options available from 5 Live and commentary-free, plus the option on iPlayer to watch Women’s FA Cup Round 4 Manchester United v Manchester City live from 1240

14:30 FA Cup Final Score

17:30 Round 4 Goals Loop

22:30 Match of the Day


09:00 FA Cup Rewind Round 4 Part 1

10:00 FA Cup Rewind Round 4 Part 2

11:00 Round 4 Cup Classic from 2015: Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4 edit 12’

11:10 FA Cup Heroes Matt Smith 4’

11:15 Round 4 Cup Classic from 2004: Tottenham Hotspur 3 Manchester City 4

12:45 Live: Manchester City v Fulham – two alternative audio options available from 5 Live and commentary-free

15:05 Cup Classic from 2006: Luton Town 3 Liverpool 5

16:30 Live: Shrewsbury Town v Liverpool – alternative audio option available to watch commentary-free

19:10 Round 4 Goals Loop

22:30 Match of the Day
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Eurosport seem to have been doing well at the Australian Open, with the amount of untranslated interviews and press conferences they've been showing.

I've seen a feature on Kerber and Zverev shown untranslated from German, an interview with Thiem also untranslated from German, and and interview with Nadal untranslated from Spanish so far. That's not to say there have been no translations at all. It seems to depend on which commentator is on and whether they can translate or have a script available. There has also been an episode of Game Schett and Mats with no commentator to fill in the highlights segments so some of the clips were lacking context.

There is no UK-specific presentation, the only presenters in vision have been Barbara Schett and Mats Wilander so we're almost always getting the pan-European version. That's not necessarily a bad thing as they are very good, but it contrasts with what they have done in previous years. Matches chosen for coverage on Eurosport 1 & 2 were, let's say, "interesting" in the first and second rounds.

All of the commentary seems to be from London with 12 commentators and shift changes at around 4am and 8am, plus an additional pair for UK opt-outs on ES2 mid-week.
Day session commentators
Barry Millns
Paul Hand
Jonathan Harris-Bass
Pete Odgers
Naomi Cavaday
Arvind Parmar
Guy McCrea
Chris Wilkinson

UK opt-outs
Lee Goodall and Nick Brown

Night session
Jo Durie
Chris Bradnam
Simon Reed
Frew McMillan

Annabel Croft is in Melbourne but I've only seen her on TV once this whole week interviewing Heather Watson well after her match. French Eurosport have Justine Henin who has appeared on the English language presentation with Schett and Wilander a couple of times.
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Watch it and find out.