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Several articles found using 'world club championship 2019 tv coverage uk' on Google, seem to point to BT Sport as potential rights holders. I've not got time to check the provenance trail, It could be simply linked to one base item reproduced across several outlets.

I suspect whoever shows it will only announce fairly close to the event.

BBC Sport announced as rights holders for 2019

Liverpool's two ties on Network, remainder Online and iPlayer, with a possibility of a third network match (the final) if Liverpool lose their Semi Final.
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I’m trying to get my head around that one...are you really saying the Final will be broadcast on TV either way? Because Liverpool will be only playing two matches (a semi final and either the final or the third place play off).
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That's how I read it - better to say they'll show the Liverpool semi and the final, then the third place match if Liverpool are in that.

I assume it's played in the Middle East somewhere, so probably afternoon kick offs (or evening if late due to the heat)
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In Qatar I believe, doubling somewhat as a replacement for the now abandoned Confederations Cup as a “dry run” event for the World Cup.
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A decision on the final two fixtures has yet to be made. The Liverpool match will be shown regardless. The two matches KO at 1430 (3+4th place) and 1730(Final) GMT on 21 Dec 2019, which is a Saturday. Showing both matches would provide a good package on BBC TWO for the afternoon. t would seem extraordinary to show a hypothetical Liverpool 3/4 place match and then put something else on in place of the FInal. If Liverpool get to the Final, showing the 3/4 place match would be doubtful.

Man City play Leicester at the same time, in the Permier League, as the Final on Sky.
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Not a UEFA member competition, so it's fine.

Yes, much like how they were able to show the Under-19s World Cup Final on a Saturday afternoon the other year, I think FIFA competitions trump everything - much like how it takes priority for Liverpool over a Premier League match, I suppose. I sometimes think people on the internet get more excited by the blackout than the broadcasters, obviously they know what they're permitted to show when they buy these things.

That means the Beeb have shown this competition on every occasion an English team has been in it, bar 2008 when Man U were in it and it was on Channel 5. I remember watching it last time Liverpool were in it in 2005, when it was in Japan with mid-morning kick-offs.

And notoriously the Beeb showed the competition in 2000 in its original, unsuccessful form when it had a group stage. That was a bit of an embarrassment for the Beeb, they spent loads of money on it because at that point they were desperate for any live football, so they showed all the Man U games, even the dead rubber against South Melbourne, on primetime BBC1 and the final as well despite it being two Brazilian teams playing in Brazil and hence a complete irrelevance to most viewers. They even did overnight replays of all the other games. That said, for all its questionable sporting merit, I remember one of Man U's matches got the biggest audience of any televised football that season, ahead of everything in the Champions League and FA Cup.

Nice to see a triple bill of Europa League matches on BT today, just like the old days on Channel Five.
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Not a UEFA member competition, so it's fine.

So theoretically then could a non UEFA league, such as a Chinese league or the US Major League Soccer air during the blackout?

If so, I'm wondering if it would be worth it cost wise for one of those to move some games to take place during the blackout and just see what the ratings are for live football are and if it would grow fans in this country.