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It’s on their UHD channel as well does that mean world feed is now 4k?

It has been available that way for some time (probably a special request / requiring an extra circuit booking) - at least for those matches shown live in the UK. For instance DirecTV and FuboTV have offered some matches in UHD in the US.

There was at least one foreign broadcaster advertising matches being available in UHD around the same time Sky began to show them. Some posters on another forum misread the translation and assumed it meant all of them, a more careful reading showed that it was selected matches.

Not sure if the games only shown as highlights in the U.K. are covered in UHD yet.
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Here’s the opening NBC is now using for the PL which I’m told is used for Sky’s MNF.

Unfortunately, blocked in the UK. Didn't even know you could do that with Twitter.

For those that already found an alternative way to view the video linked to above . . .


(This file will be deleted from my OneDrive sometime tomorrow.)
"The Not-So-Late-Show with Greg Mitchell" will hopefully return in some form, somewhere soon.
Unlikely to be on Roch Valley Radio though.

Stay tuned . . .
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Here’s the opening NBC is now using for the PL which I’m told is used for Sky’s MNF.

Unfortunately, blocked in the UK. Didn't even know you could do that with Twitter.

It’s essentially the same as this one used last season for Monday Night Football with the 18/19 dates changed to 19/20. Along with it opening with a stylized PL trophy and ends with a logo box with Premier League Mornings with the NBCSN logo and a GEICO sponsorship logo.

Edit: Let’s see if I take the raw video from twitter and embed it here:

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They used to sell "mobile clips" as a package, generally won by some incarnation of News International. Was that package included this time?

Yes and Sky won it.


The after match highlights will be on the Sky Sports YouTube, rather than the Premier League Youtube.

One thing I’ve noticed this weekend is the Mobile/YouTube 3 minute highlight packages are available to watch on the Sky Sports app on Sky Q, in full screen (not full/true HD I might add), from memory that wasn’t there last season. This, unsurprisingly is hidden, unlike the promoted highlights via On Demand which are the 30 minute highlights that usually go out of a Saturday night.
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Looking at the recording I have of the Ireland Italy match, clearly Channel 4 tried to overlay their replay wipe over the host broadcaster (RTÉ) one but the host wipe is too long so they gave up after I think 2 replays
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I guess C4 will be host broadcaster for Wales v England, although Sky are also showing it.

Presumably Scotland also have some warm up games - who are showing them - it's usually BT and Scotland?
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