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Westcountry Spotlight
I believe the screens were for the event only, if they're for the tournament they'll need a lot of fine tuning. Watch the start on the iPlayer and compare with the end, a couple went decidedly wonky during the afternoon.

I really expected the BBC to produce that No 1 Court event coverage, but not so, the AELTC's own in house broadcaster did it.
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UTV Newsline
It's a sad day for F1 fans as Niki Lauda died in Vienna today at the age of 70. R.I.P Niki. Crying or Very sad

Lewis Hamilton said a fine tribute to Niki Lauda on Twitter. Here is what he said.

Will there any plans from the FIA or from any of the F1 teams to do any tributes for him at the Monaco GP this weekend?
DVB Cornwall8,380 posts since 4 Dec 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
Is it just me who find it a bit odd that a) he brands this video as "BBC News", and b) that his bosses have apparently let him use the official typeface and animations that go with it?

No, considering that these 'leftfield' tributes and other piano works in a similar vein have indeed made both Television and Radio broadcast appearances. Think of it as filed copy.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Well he spent last week playing Eurovision songs for BBC News. It's as if someone at BBC News found out he could play so his now shoehorning it in to as many stories as possible.
I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.