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UTV Newsline
I have swtiched over to BBC One Wales HD for their coverage of the FA Cup Final.

It looks really excellent so far apart from that brief black out there on the screen in studio. The interview with Jose Holebas looks to have had really dark colours at Wembley. It's the same look in the studio as well. Are they using the HLG for their coverage of the FA Cup Final today? How does the other BBC One HD feeds look today; are they the exact same? Also the BBC Sport microphones in use today at Wembley are all coloured in Yellow with the BBC Sport logo in Black. They look really nice.

EDIT: I just found out that it is broadcast on BBC One HD in SDR & BBC iPlayer in 4K & HDR.

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Colours look wrong to me on Bbc one hd like it’s a little too saturated.

even the scoreboard looks a bit wrong.

They returned to the studio and it looks right.
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.... any concerns about the FACupFinal overrunning into Eurovision are now somewhat distant.
It was a 5pm kickoff and the programme was scheduled to end at 7.30pm. The match will have ended around 6.45pm, so they allowed enough time even if it did go to extra time. They probably would've just axed the programme in that half hour slot before Eurovision. A clash was never going to happen.