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UTV Newsline
The match coverage of the Republic of Ireland vs Georgia from the Aviva Stadium by RTÉ tonight has moved to one of their other studio used for the Autumn Rugby Internationals. They have a long skinny desk in there that looks very cramped as it located right up inside to the back window.
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Yeah it appears to be the same studio as the Autumn Internationals - corner of the West and North Stands. Incidentally VMTV used the same studio (or at least, a studio in a close by location) for the Six Nations game v France, but obviously a very different set.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Does it still have sponsor logos plastered all over it which have to be blurred?

Actually, no. The tournament sponsor is present on the IPL logo, but other than that, the graphics are sponsor free -

they have found other ways. Frequent shots of the 'Vivobox' a souped up corporate hospitality lounge. And several shots of a group of people in the crowd (with detailed explanation from the commentators) who wore t-shirts with a specific letter of another tournament sponsor on each one - and they all stood in the correct order, to spell the name out. As though this group just happened to wear lettered t-shirts and came to the game..

So, unlike previous years, the on-screen advertising 'noise' has been turned down a bit.
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