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Interesting news re BT/Sunset and Vine and the Amazon match coverage. Presumably there won’t be any expectation that full pre and post game shows be provided for all ten matches in those rounds, and that there’ll be a “key game” that’s picked for wrap coverage with other games on a whistle-to-whistle basis. Be interesting to see how Premier Sports will deal with these rounds in Ireland also.

One would asssume the PLP Matchday ground coverage with Highlights and stats will fill up the half time - unless BT/Sunset and Vine do a 'NBCSN last day of the premiership' style show, where the central studio feed, is shown across all games at half time.

I wondered who would actually produce the coverage for Amazon Prime. It could only be three suppliers.
BT Sport, Sky Sports or IMG. Given IMG's existing relationship with Prime over providing Tennis coverage technicals (I know production sits with Whisper Films for the US Open), I would have thought they would have got the contract.
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It seems that BT Sport are to produce with Sunset and Vine Amazon Prime's Football Coverage from next season.

SVG article:

Excerpt from the press release:

LONDON – 21 March, 2019 - In December Amazon announced that from the 2019/20 season UK Prime members will have exclusive access to watch 20 matches per season on Prime Video at no extra cost to a Prime membership. This will comprise of two full fixture rounds – the first December midweek round and the Boxing Day round - featuring live coverage of every Premier League team, and will be the first time a full round of Premier League fixtures will be broadcast live in the UK. Amazon has today announced that Prime Video has contracted BT Sport with their strategic football partner Sunset+Vine to support Amazon Prime Video’s production of both studio and live action match-day coverage.

Oh great Premier League pixel vision that really is great thinking it will probably be 25 frames per second contributing to jittervision.
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The problem with the IPL has been the legitimacy of the competition over the most recent seasons. Some corruption accusations surrounding the clubs / franchises (call them whatever you like) some not so minor too. This has had some impact on recruitment so this run-through could be pivotal for the future well being or otherwise of the event.
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IPL. Just appears to be a ligit money laundering exercise masquerading as sport.

But, back to TV rights. Last season Sky said they had signed a 'multi year rights deal' for the IPL. So, the 2019 season turns up on BT Sport.

So, presumably the 'rights' Sky signed last year were UK sub-licenced from Star, and now the Murdoch thin tielines between the two broadcasters have been cut - the multi year deal was been thrown in the bin, and it went back out to the market?
My user name might look like Hatton Cross, but it's pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove.
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I occasionally joke that working in sports broadcasting is much more predictable than news, as you don't tend to get extra work sprung on you - football matches don't appear out of thin air in the same way that, say, natural disasters do. But I was last in work on Tuesday and there was absolutely no hint that this was going to be in the schedules. Sports rights are a strange beast.

(I suspect BT are probably going to use the same model as they did for this year's Aussie cricket: largely taking the host feed but with an out-of-vision presenter to link it together and chuck in the occasional local promo/cover up the more egregious product placement)
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Didn't realise it was so last minute. I guess they got them pretty cheaply then.

I'm not a cricket fan but I'd guess the Big Bash has the broader appeal now. The ECB, who invented the format, screwed up big time by not striking whilst the Twenty20 iron was hot. They have their 100 Ball format launching next year I think but seems little demand for another shortened form of the game.
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