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gordonthegopher247 posts since 10 Feb 2007
UTV Newsline
Graphics for the Lakeside Darts are awful. On the whole, they're very crisp in HD, apart from the black text on a red background, which is extremely blurry and hard to see.

They have thankfully change the black sets and legs scores to white. The black on red made my eyes hurt!
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rdd3,296 posts since 21 Jun 2001
With the start of the NFL playoffs Sky have dropped use of the NFL on Fox theme music and their long running opening titles (which was basically an old NFL on Fox titles badly re-edited) in favour of a new sequence.
Johnnie679 posts since 4 Apr 2003
London London
Sky started tonight's NFL coverage with a 'Sky Sports USA' DOG on the right side of the screen, removed it, then stuck a 'Sky Sports Action' DOG on the left side..

Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Mix, who are simulcasting tonight's game, are showing their correct DOGs.
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rdd3,296 posts since 21 Jun 2001
They did change the DOG to read “Sky Sports HD USA Live” by the time of the later Dallas v Seattle game. This being on Fox it did have a giant full colour “Fox Wild Card NFL” DOG in the top right hand corner.