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I didn’t watch the coverage but the Tag Heuer pop ups can and do show on BBC graphics airing on BBC channels, I'm not sure what the advertising policy is exactly but I assume it's some sort of self acknowledgment for providing the timing.
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The Olympic Channel (produced by NBC Sports) in US aired The London Marathon. It appears they mainly used the World feed with the BBC Sport insert graphics. However the BBC Sport graphics were in miles and had the tagheur time logo pop up. Were the BBC graphics in miles or this an alternate feed? NBC Sports used full screen graphics when I guess the BBC feed went full screen or when the radio bikes (I never seen a camera man stand up on the back of the bike in the US) lost signal.

The broadcast was aired at 7PM ET so 12AM UK time and they curated the different races down to 3 hours.

BBC Sport would use miles not km for a marathon. We always talk about 26 miles (plus a bit) for a marathon - never the equivalent in km.

The Tag Heuer logo is almost certainly because they sponsored the event timing element of the race (either by providing the equipment or funding it). Most athletics events for many years have had Longines, Rolex, Omega etc. sponsorship - and often the chose to associate with the timing element (as they are 'timing' brands)

The BBC won't have done this deal - and won't have been responsible for the sponsorship or received any funding or subsidy from Tag Heuer in return for their logo appearing - so it's usually acceptable under UK broadcast law. It's quite complex though - and Ofcom are now the regulators for this rather than the BBC self-regulating...
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Pro 14 Announcements

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Pro 14 Announcements

Couple of interesting lines from that press release:

Premier Sports are going to make the Guinness PRO14 its No 1 property and will therefore be launching the Premier Sports 2 channel with innovative High Definition production of games as well as highlights shows to take supporters right into the heart of the Championship.

and confirmation of the date of FreeSports HD. I think they'd previously just said 'later this year'

In addition, FreeSports will turn High Definition on Sky and Virgin from July.
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Still crappyvision on Freeview then.

Will be interesting to see how much this is worth and whether the BBC retain highlights and S4C retain any live matches (I guess they're the "local language broadcaster"). I just can't see this being worth much more to the Pro14 than the current deal would have been, and even less when the lower profile is considered.

EDIT: £30m a year apparently including the other deals struck, 100% increase on the last deal, although £6m of that increase is as a result of the two South African sides joining. Premier Sports 2 will launch as a result, so in theory three games could still take place simultaneously on Friday nights across Premier 1, Premier 2 and FreeSports.

P.S. Do any TV guides actually even list Premier Sports or Freesports?
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Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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P.S. Do any TV guides actually even list Premier Sports or Freesports?

The Radio Times bills Freesports, but only when it's showing live sport - as is also the case with Sky Sports F1, Mix and Box Office. It doesn't bill Premier Sports. The other Sky, BT and Eurosport channels are billed in full.
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It's a streamer channel.
Basically filling the gaps with exclusive rights in a few markets and OTT coverage of sports in others.

Presumably 11 have got the rights, to shove their foot in the door, of the country they are based in.
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