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BBC Sport Temporary Fault slide - as seen today on the Rugby League Challenge Cup First Round match - which is showing live on BBC Sport Online this afternoon.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Commentary on the Tennis, on the BBC today, was done by Nick Lester and Mark Petchey.

World feed. It will be Petchey and Robbie Koenig on today's highlights assuming they show Edmund v Dimitrov.

The BBC put their own commentary on today with Andrew Castle and John Lloyd. Same tomorrow I expect.

Andrew Castle won't be going to Spain for the Davis Cup net weekend, the commentary team is Chris Bradnam, John Lloyd and Jamie Baker according to DigiGuide.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
I doubt any of them will actually get to go to Spain.

Looks like the vast majority of the coverage on the red button with just 1-3pm on Friday and 1-3.30pm on Saturday scheduled on BBC2.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
There's a Sunday slot on BBC Two also.

They went to Rouen for the quarter final with France last year
but did the first round away tie with Canada from Salford

If I remember correctly the away tie before that, with Serbia in 2016 was done from Salford with only Russell Fuller sent to Belgrade as they did with Canada.
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Westcountry Spotlight
Australian Open,

If you have access to the Eurosport App, it's well worth watching the final hour of the world feed of the Mens Singles Final, seeing what happens in the hour post winning the trophy. Includes an interview with Swiss TV, an appearance on MCA for invitees, the crowd walk and Ch7 interviewing from their OB position which was relayed to the crowd below before the feed was dropped.