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Kevin Cadle, the host of Sky’s NFL coverage for many years, has died.

A nice tribute by his friend and fellow NFL broadcaster Mike Carlson http://nfluk.com/s/37678/59?itemUri=-1238500867/13107157144311527094129915
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FA Cup 1st Round TV Matches

Friday 3rd November:
Hyde United vs Mk Dons (7.55pm, BBC Two)

Saturday 4th November:
Shaw Lane Association vs Mansfield Town (12.30pm, BT Sport 1)

Monday 6th November:
Chorley vs Fleetwood Town (7.45pm, BT Sport 1)

While not officially confirmed yet I believe as the last few years the BBC are moving fixtures to Sunday afternoon to feature on FA Cup Final Score.
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Checking the schedule for next week, I noticed the Vikings vs. Browns NFL game is on BBC Two at 1pm. Interestingly in the US, this game is a NFL Network exclusive, unlike the earlier games this month which were on Fox.

So graphics wise, what do you guys think we're going to get considering both NFL highlight shows endcaps state "A Whisper Films production for NFL & BBC Sport".

A clean feed for the BBC to place their own graphics?

Standard NFL Network graphics?

Or simulcast graphics? (here's a mock I made in 5 minutes based on the CBS and NBC/NFL network simulcast graphics).


I think the middle or latter options are more likely than the first.

Though if the NFL really want to be serious with this London team by 2021 thing, then this would be the perfect game for them to let the BBC camera operators and technicians produce the coverage to see how they do, as it's early in the day for America, and it's not really a game worth watching (the Browns have lost every game so far).
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Those “standard NFL Network graphics” are actually the graphics used on TNF games that are produced by NBC, except games that are actually being simulcast on NBC get their peacock logo added.

This one is being produced by CBS though so it’ll almost certainly be the CBS TNF graphics (ie the third set but before you added the BBC logos).

I’ve only ever seen one NFL game get the clean feed treatment, but that was being shown on Yahoo!
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Talking American football, the Sky Sports crew did a lengthy tribute to former anchor Kevin Cadle who died earlier this week, during the pregame for LA Rams v Arizona.