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I've mentioned this before but Cricket is live now on the BBC in the form of Test Match Special 60th Anniversary Match which is live now on the BBC Sport website, BBC Red Button and BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra but beware it features celebs as well.


Who is producing - graphics aren't in any of the BBC styles so I guess an independent. I do think it's information overload on cricket graphics now.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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Well, they've still got another 2 1/2 years to cobble something up Very Happy

It's either S+V, or the BBC (via nominated OB company) are using a pre-loaded Alston Elliott graphics template - I'm sure I've seen those graphics before. Maybe last year, before the current set used for the ICC Champions Trophy this year.
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I think the BBC bought in the graphics system, similar to how S&V bought in graphics for the times they've done live cricket for the BBC in the mid-00s (the Ireland and Scotland games that the BBC showed). I was amused at how the system clearly wasn't designed to cope with 'retired out' and overs that lasted fewer than six balls!
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Didn't S+V just use their Channel 4 graphics? Like they did when they first started producing Channel 9 cricket albeit recoloured.

They did for the 2005 Scotland vs Aus match, but in 2006 they used the Nimbus graphics of the time (as used for India matches). I didn't see the 2007 broadcast, there wasn't one in 2008 and in 2009, S&V used a bought-in style that didn't match up with either the Cricket on Five graphics of the time, nor the BBC's house style.

In 2013, when the ECB broadcast certain matches of the women's Ashes on YouTube (the ones that Sky didn't want to show, presumably), they used a former ICC graphics style for that broadcast.

Incidentally, S&V never produced C9 cricket in Australia, although there are links between the C9 and C4 productions, notably the use of the same director, Rob Sheerlock.

The story goes that Kerry Packer watched the SBS coverage of the 2005 Ashes series, which was a straight rebroadcast of the C4 feed and asked his staff, 'Why isn't our coverage as good as that?'. As a result, Mark Nicholas was hired (having already done bits of commentary work in the previous winters) as host and the following year the graphics changed to a very similar style to the C4 ones. That wasn't hard to do, as C4 used Virtual Spectator for their graphics, as did C9 at that time. I think C9 have now gone over to Alston Elliott, which just about every cricket broadcaster around the world uses for their graphics systems.
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Updated graphics package in use on Sky NZ for the Rugby Championship this morning, looks a lot nicer.

Edit: Seemingly they were used for the Lions tour too, but we didn't see them because Sky UK got a clean feed. Super Rugby and NPC continue to use the previous package.
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