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Hatton Cross Central (West) Midlands Today
Suspect that the going to a 'non' ad break after every over, is because there is a short 20" commercial going out on Premier Sports, but the ads haven't been loaded in for the split playout on Freesports.

Lost pictures sound like a dropped satellite feed, or when the booked time runs over and no-one extends it out.

Last one sounds like automation got bored of the cricket and fired off the next event. Whoever was minding the coverage at Premier, was more concerned with keeping that on that channel for any paying subscribers watching, than any casually grazing around on Freesports.
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bkman1990 UTV Newsline
Some sad news to report from RTÉ Sport today. RTÉ Olympics analyst & former elite runner Jerry Kiernan had died last night aged 67.

RIP. Sad
thegeek Founding member London London
I know some people find it hard to throw out old stuff... there were a few tweets yesterday pointing out Stephen Craigan brandishing a BT Sport clipboard on Premier Sports' coverage of the Betfred Cup yesterday.

(It is, of course, mostly the same production team as when it was on BT)
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robertclark125 Central Reporting Scotland
Don't worry, many years ago, a sports reporter who switched from STV to BBC Scotland, was spotted a few months later at a game, wearing an STV sweater!

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