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(January 2006)

toby lerone 2016 UTV Newsline
the BBC have coverage of the athletics on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, and More4 are doing the Parasports coverage on Saturday morning. There's even an hour's overlap.

The last few years was the parasports not on the Sunday on Channel 4 with the Diamond League on Friday Night & Saturday Afternoon on the BBC?

Also note the coverage is on More4 because Channel 4 are covering the Hungarian Grand Prix Live this weekend followed by their usual Racing coverage therefore they have a 30 minutes highlights show on Sunday afternoon after the live race on Channel 4.
robertclark125 STV Central Reporting Scotland
The premiership rugby union sevens are coming from Cardiff tonight. S4C and BT sport covering. On S4C they're using the BT Sport style clock, but the clock is in the top left corner, wheras it's in the normal, bottom left corner, on BT sport.
mromega Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
The premiership rugby union sevens are coming from Cardiff tonight. S4C and BT sport covering. On S4C they're using the BT Sport style clock, but the clock is in the top left corner, wheras it's in the normal, bottom left corner, on BT sport.

This is common for the Aviva Premiership world feed.
toby lerone 2016 UTV Newsline
Few pieces of sports news today:

Firstly Jim Watt the Sky Boxing co-commentator has retired from broadcasting after 20 years on Sky and 15 years on ITV.

Secondly Lynsey Hipgrave has replaced Kelly Cates as the host of Channel 5 Football League Coverage working alongside George Riley, the highlights show is also being renamed as Football on 5: The Championship for the 2016-17 season retaining the 9pm Saturday Evening timeslot followed by Football on 5: Goal Rush from 10pm-10.30pm. As a result Lynsey Hipgrave is leaving The Danny Baker Show on BBC Radio 5 Live with her last show being tomorrow but will continue working for BT Sport.
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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Quite surprised they've kept George really considering Kelly very much took the lead role last year. Guess the contract is water tihgt on the time slot and channel though - had expected either Goal Rush to be bumped to midnight or them to switch the 9pm airings to Spike then air them at midnight on C5.
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harshy Founding member
Does anyone know if Sky are changing their premier league coverage, there is a brand new look on the premier league site with a very bold strong new look, the website is stunning, it will be interesting to see how it's presented to the viewer.

I suspect Bein and Star will use the entire package from img/plp
VMPhil Granada North West Today
The new look is very bold and modern. The exact opposite of what football fans tend to like of course, which is something that doesn't make a fuss and is traditional as possible…
rdd Founding member
Of course they already have a set of generic graphics, but heretofore they haven't been used in all markets - the UK, Ireland, and US at any rate don't use them. Some sources have said that the new graphics will appear in all markets during the course of this contract (not necessarily this August), but I've seen nothing official to that effect from the Premier League.

Sky have used generic graphics when they've been told to - the most famous example (and original of the species, as far as I can tell) being the Champions League graphics. They even did so for the Heineken Cup at a time when they were the principal domestic host broadcaster in four of the six participating nations (and in one of the other two it's hard to give rugby rights away!), so I don't get the argument that having that status gives them some sort of a veto on their introduction. If it's something the Premier League want to proceed with they will.

There'll be war if there's any attempt to replace the MOTD theme tune with the Premier League anthem though - and I don't think the Premier League are crazy enough to try that!
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Sky have a couple of good reasons for graphic and title change this season,

1. Change of sponsorship for their coverage
2. Introduction of 4K

Am expecting to see considerable moves. The multiple single pantone colour scheme for the new PL logo will be fun to see on air, providing the temptation to go into quick repetitive motion through the shades is avoided.
harshy Founding member
I am hoping Sky build a nice bright Premier League studio like they use to have when it was football first, I wasn't a fan of the Saturday night Football studio, just too big and gloomy and the picture from that studio was never as sharp.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Have Sky named a replacement for Ed Chamberlain?
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Channel 4 getting their first feel of schedule re jigs due to F1 delays. Horse racing moved to More 4.

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