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Although it’s true Jason left because of his private life, I still think it was an odd choice and had that not happened I bet he still wouldn’t be doing it now. Although he isn’t exactly the most extreme comedian, it was still a very ‘easy listening’ gig for such a person with barely any room to tell a slightly risky gag.

They might replace Matt with a female and have two women hosting the show.

Or maybe Ore Oduba or Mike Bushell?
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I caught the opening of yesterday's show with Gethin Jones presenting and thought he seemed quite bewildered to be there. Pointing out himself he hasn't hosted the show for a few years. Makes me wonder if it was secretly a screen test and he wasn't aware.
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Rylan must be twiddling this thumbs, so it’ll most likely be him. 🤣

I said it on Twitter, but I think Ricky Boleto would be a fine addition. In fact, on occasion, him and Leah could recreate the Richard and Judy magic!
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Steve in Pudsey and watchingtv gave kudos