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Blake Connolly1,683 posts since 21 Apr 2001
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BT Showcase HD has shutdown on LCN 115. I don't blame them - nothing was really shown on the channel apart from sports results and loops.

Well, not exactly nothing - Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup football, rugby, tennis, sailing, BT Sport Score and some AMC shows. But the channel closed in April.
DVB Cornwall7,747 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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Worthwhile noting that the first transmitter to lose COM 7 and COM 8 completely following 700 Mhz clearance has been announced - Beacon Hill (Torbay and environs) will see the services shutdown in early 2019. Seemingly international clearance is not available for the site to use the temporary SFNs being established as an interim measure to continue services for a couple more years on those two muxes elsewhere. This doesn't bode well for other sites in the SW due to switch later next year either.

(A516 Digital)