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ashley b posted:
Another new ident spotted!
oh and that other one does end up with an ant being eaten
videos available on

On another note, I notice the way five now broadcast 4:3 prorammes has changed, where as before they did it like the BBC and put black bars down either side, they have changed to the channel 4/ITV way. If you see what I mean, not very clear I know, so I'll demonstrate with pictures.

Isn't that how five always broadcast 4:3 programmes? Well it seemed to be on my TV anyway, and that's Sky set to 4:3L where the black bars appear, as my nan always moans about them.

I like the look of that shark one, though I haven't seen it yet. I spotted the anteater one the other week, clever twist. Infact they're all very clever and so much better than a simple graphic wiping on, it gives me good hope for something similar at Christmas, even if it's snow falling, where the only place that it seems to be falling is to make the five logo, so it ends up with the letters built out of snow at the end.