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I don't want to spam this thread, but I've always made it clear how I hated TCM's transformation to the home to showings of Moulin Rouge, Kangaroo Jack and The Exorcist II: The Heretic, and whatever western or documentary tatter they could find. I preferred if I could watch a TCM that had this much variety on [removed] . That website full of illegal, yet high quality and almost ad-free, movies has so much variety. Just watched this on Wednesday.

[Mod edit] No linked to illegal streaming sites

Okay. It was 'Three on a Match', which is something that TCM in the USA would definitely air. Apologies since we're meant to be streaming legally.
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Nobody says ATM machine. Everyone says cashpoint.

If we’re splitting hairs, also incorrect. It’s a registered trademark of Lloyds Bank so technically only theirs are called cashpoints. (It’s only after somebody told me this that I noticed other banks avoiding that term like the plague.)

The word 'Cashpoint' itself was introduced in 1972 by Lloyds Bank and registered as a trademark in October 1986. Although 'Cashpoint' would be a fitting way to describe such machines generically, it is a trade name that has seeped into the English language for more general use.

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I hate the term ATM. It's a rubbish "Americanism" that has sneaked into the English language. It's short for "Automated Teller Machine", because the people you'd usually speak to in US banks are called "tellers", while here in the UK they're known as "cashiers"

If ATM was the standard term for these devices, it should be short for "Automated Transaction Machine".

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Unlikely to be on Roch Valley Radio though.

Stay tuned . . .
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