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TCC in-vision continuity

(November 2016)

ab25170 London London
I know that in-vision continuity for CBBC, CITV, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel has been discussed many times over the years but I'm surprised not many people have mentioned in-vision continuity links for TCC. It had slots including Trouble and The Toon Room. They stopped when the crew and the teen shows were moved to Trouble.

These are the evidence in-vision presentation on TCC.

remlap Wales Wales Today
I only remember Link Anchorman, you could say he's invision Very Happy

rdd Founding member
They used various invision or links during their lifetime (though I don't remember Link Anhorman actually anchoring any links!). In the early days, there was a strand called Roustabout which provided IVC of sorts.

By the 1990s you had Ratkan II which used a space shuttle sort of set - this infamously spun off a version aimed at preschoolers called Droibee Time which featured former Doctor Who companion Sophie Aldred.

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