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Rolling Eyes BBC1 taking a show from BBC 2 is not the same as Channel 4 taking a show from Dave.

It kind of is, just not with the financial aspect and with less rivalry.

BBC2, and to a lesser extent 3 and 4, provide the risk and try new programmes and formats and then BBC1 poaches them when it's successful. It's still a bit of a kick in the teeth for the channel that took the risk

Pretty much all the shows that have moved from one to two was because of right renewal costs. 'Who do you think you are' being a good example. The cost for series 3 was tripled by the production company, which would have hammered BBC2's factual budget.

Born risky C4 poaching from a digital channel like Dave bares no comparison. This is of course Avalon, so I'm not at all shocked by the move.
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Channel 4 have a habit of doing this, looking after a show when it's new then quickly losing interest. Russell T Davies famously vowed never to work for them again after spending a year developing a Queer As Folk spin off and The Second Coming for them before a change of personnel meant they were rejected.

RTD has clearly forgiven Channel 4 as wrote Cucumber for them and he's got another drama Boys coming next years

Possibly because that rejection worked out for the best in the end. Second Coming ended up on ITV, and then the BBC hired both Davies and Second Coming's lead actor Christopher Eccleston for Doctor Who.

Or more likely because anyone involved at Channel 4 commissioning had long moved on in the intervening 20 years.
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I assume Dave were given first refusal to renew?

Presumably they just went where the money was, as most people would if they were offering more money to do the same job.

And forking out big money for other channels biggest shows is what risk taking broadcasters do.

Well my point was about Avalon not Channel 4. But yeah don’t get too hung up on a marketing slogan. Channel 4 is a commercial broadcaster so it does have to consider commercial realities and investing in what they consider a safe bet will also help ensure they can take some risks with other commissions.
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On a similar note, I wonder when S2 of BBC One’s The Button will air? (Similar tasks format, but with families. Pretty sure I remember seeing S2 had been commissioned?)

Season 2 of The Button has never been commissioned. Alex said in a few interviews when the Taskmaster book came out last year he was hopeful but it has never come to anything. Think it was a victim of - very poor - scheduling. Was rating better in a late night repeat after Match of the Day than its first run vs the second Corrie on a Friday.
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I just hope that whereever it ends up that the bigger budget won't affect the style of the programme. I still want them prattling around Chiswick and Chesham, not flying off for tasks in the south of France
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