Here's a thought which came to me, while replying on the Granada 'G' thread.

Sunday Night etc was produced by ATV intially while they held the London weekend franchise.

I gather there was a Palladium related series produced by ATV in the mid 70's, by which time LWT had the franchise for weekends.

At which point was it decided that LWT & Thames should produce variety shows using OB locations in London theatres, rather than ATV, even though they still had a London presence with Elstree.

Did Thames & LWT have problems setting up similar shows initially, as I remember shows in the 80's produced by both companies (LWT's 'Live From Her Majesty's / Palladium' being the most famous ones), & ATV, having the experience, continued for the time being, or was there a rights issue involving Lew Grade's showbiz empire probably owning the theatres concerned, or did the IBA get involved at some point & tell ATV to stay in their own area?