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Recently, I've been rewatching the first series of House on Netflix, and repeatedly now I've noticed a few irregularities with the audio track and the subtitles. One 'quirk' is that often words come up in the subtitles that aren't actually said, with the reverse occasionally happening as well. With the former, the mouth of the character speaking is not usually seen, although a few times words can be seen to be coming out a character's closed mouth! With the latter, this most notably occurred in one episode where a conversation between two characters was said in a much shorter space of time than the subtitles suggested, with an extra 'bit' of conversation added that went un-subtitled. The subtitles were back in sync with the speech as soon as the extra lines were over with.

A third thing that happens is that sometimes the subtitle track will credit 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack as the title music track, whilst sometimes it will simply state 'urban music'. The title music on Netflix, however, is never 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack, and is one of two other themes (with one of the themes always the end credits theme in Series 1, and sometimes the main titles theme too). In the US, I'm aware that the Massive Attack music is the theme to the programme, but never on the Netflix version. The following video plays all themes out, in the order of US theme, theme more often than not used, and then theme always used for end credits and sometimes opening titles.

(Incidentally, I own the boxsets of some of the later House series and the theme tune was mostly consistent, apart from one occasion where it was inexplicably the Massive Attack track.)

Ultimately, my question is: what's going on here? With the title music, it seems quite strange for three different theme tunes to be used, that all miraculously manage to fit in with the timing of the titles, with the theme sometimes changing to a different one. With the subtitle abnormalities, I'd normally put it down to a mistake, but the number of times the same mistakes occur make me think it could be something else. Are the UK/Netflix versions of some TV shows such as House edited differently to the original US airings perhaps, meaning that the subtitles are wrong as the original subtitling track is used? This seems plausible-ish, but why are there lines of speech that don't make it into the subtitles, and lines that aren't actually heard but do? There's always space for the line that isn't heard to be said.

Whilst my example is House, it seems unlikely that these subtitling things would be exclusive to just one US TV show. Perhaps someone here is 'in the know' about such things.
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