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How many programmes have been networked between STV (including Grampian when it was independent) and UTV, or vice versa, but were not networked into the rest of ITV?
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Its has been said alot of Scottsh tv show were shown on Grampian but many were never networked. Take the high road was one of them mind.
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And of course Shammy dab, Its possible thingamajig might have been networked at certain times.
The Adventures of Francie and Josie, Cant be classes since it was broadcast by a number of english station.

Glen Micheal might be able to get away with this, although it was network down south in the 60s on Southern Television and Westward: Grampian TV did network during the 70s and 80s but not all the time.
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The game show Top Club, which was made by Grampian, was also shown occasionally on STV. Don't think it was ever shown on UTV though.

One show from UTV that I remember seeing on a Friday night on STV twenty years ago was Kelly, a talk show. I don't think this was shown in England.

Yes, I think it was shown on Scottish Television, but not Grampian or Border. It still got an "Ulster Television production for ITV" endcap despite only being on two stations.

The cookery programme "Highdays and Holidays" was shown on Border at one point, but didn't have a "for ITV" endcap presumably because it was made for local viewing only and later sold to Border.
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I remember one of those Jenny Bristow food programmes... perhaps High Days and Holidays... being watched by Bet Lynch in the back room of The Rovers once on Corrie!

Paul and Nick's Big Food Trip is of course shown across UTV and STV.
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It was a co production. I remember the endcap. I post it if i can find it.