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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Simon Pitts new job is to do either one of these things:

*Slim down STV, push the share price down by getting rid of assets so ITV plc can buy STV plc.

*Put the channel at an all time low, so that when the Channel 3 License is up for tender ITV will go for it.

Either way he's an ITV man and STV will be no longer within the next 3 years.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Could we even ultimately end up with an ITV plc style rationalisation of the sub-regions (e.g. the "Edinburgh" sub-opt being pre-recorded in Glasgow)?

Hopefully not, even when the Edinburgh opt existed pre East programme, it was always live. Can't envisage them wanting to pre-record it.

Was is irrelevant - all the ITV sub-regions were live at one time. It is obvious these decisions are about business, not money.

A shame STV2 is going but the writing has long been on the wall. Like others though don't get how That's TV can afford it and secondly why OFCOM keep turning a blind eye to their takeovers when they've failed to deliver an adequate service in every single licence area.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
I wonder if this is a double bluff? STV say x y z and lots of people complain and so does the SNP government, STV pretends to back down and say Edin opt stay, but the 10.30 is record 15mins before hand in Glasgow? STV gets most of the cuts thought but others think yes there got connesisions.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
An investor presentation from STV gives an indication of the audience figures for STV2:


I still think given the prominent position on the EPG and relatively small marginal cost, they have given up on STV2 too easily. If STV wants to increase original production, then they can easily repeat them on STV2.

There not even getting 10'000 for Taggart at 9pm, Yet the company makes 1/2 million a year on reruns from other broadcasters... local news is even worse with 4'000 and Live at 5 with 2'000, im sure but if the figures are true there no way in HELL STV2 should be kept open....
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