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Question in recent weeks stv has developed the practice of opting straight to nightscreen when itv goes to TELESHOPPING and then coming out for the signed programme before going back to nightscreen as per itv.previous the signed programme would play first and then nightscreen long play would start often for around 4 hours before judge finder at 505. What do we think the thinking here is behind the change, is it Coronavirus related or something else. P.s I know that nightscreen due to the different musics used counts as regional programming which for stv should make a different as completely separate from itv and the constraints that, that incurs, being an affiliate more freedom.Also why not do stv nightscreen instead of itv nightscreen if your not a itv plc service. Your thoughts please on both questions which currently fascinate me - thanks!

I'm more surprised in terms of Nightscreen STV could get away with that? Surely in those spots it should be used for catching up on either missed shows (even the ones they didn't complete few years ago too)?