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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Just to say we now have "Winter " Idents, only taken them 3 years to bring those back in to use, with new pictures.

There's a long and shorter version of it too.

Whilst reviewing today's recordings, I can't help but note that having recorded from STV HD, they're very inconsistent in their use of their HD idents. As when recording the Winter idents mentioned, the playout at 9.25am was in full HD with STV HD on the ident, yet subsequent uses through the day, and the shorter version, were all played out as upscaled SD with just STV on the ident.

Also, I noticed that the latest Emmerdale ident has the black bar across the top in the manner of the X Factor idents last year. No quality control! (Though this may already have been mentioned.)

It has. Their playout over the last year has been poor, with announcers you can barely hear, to idents showing bars, or even being broadcast in 4:3. They are installing a new playout system, so hopefully over the next year it will improve.
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You would assume the rebrand would happen in time for the new city TV stations to come on-stream, rather than branding them STV Aberdeen and then changing it within a month.
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Anglia (East) Look East
Is there a minimum requirement in terms of the opt-outs STV need to do each week to provide local content? A big bug bear of mine is when they opt out and then just sling whatever show was supposed to air in primetime post-Scotland Tonight, but for the next week they seem to have absolutely nothing in regards to opt-outs in primetime besides Scotland Tonight! Here are the opts from ITV from Mon-Fri next week:


Mon: Scotland Tonight (11:00-11:30pm)
Tues: Scotland Tonight (11:00-11:30pm)
Wed: Scotland Tonight (11:00-11:30pm)
Thurs: Scotland Tonight (11:00-11:30pm)
Fri: Sod all

Total: 2hrs

ITV Border

Mon: Border Life (8:00-8:30pm), Representing Border (11:15-11:45pm)
Tues: Representing Border (11:15-11:45pm)
Wed: Representing Border (11:15-11:45pm)
Thurs: Representing Border (11:15-11:45pm)
Fri: As network

Total: 2hrs30mins


Mon: Paul and Nick's Big Canadian Food Trip (8:00-8:30pm)
Tues: Rare Breed - A farming year (7:30-8:00pm)
Wed: As network
Thurs: As network [although post-News they're airing the show the opted out from on Monday]
Fri: Vote 17 (8:00-8:30pm [also 2:00-6:00pm in daytime]), UTV Life (11:15-11:45pm [usually in the 8pm slot but moved due to the election. After this they're showing what they opted out from on Tuesday])

Total: 2hrs

ITV Cymru Wales

Mon: Wales This Week (8:00-8:30pm)
Tues: As network
Wed: As network
Thurs: As network [although they're airing what they opted from on Monday post-News]
Fri: Coast and Country (8:00-8:30pm)

Total: 1hr

Based on the above, in primetime ITV Border are actually doing the most opt-outs next week! I know STV has local channels to produce content for as well, but it seems pretty poor that they're only opting out for current affairs, whilst the other nations (and Border) have a bit more of a variety in terms of the content they're opting out to show.
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