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One thing is for sure that triangle is not going anywhere any time soon!
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Confirmation of STV rebrand:

STV plc posted:
STV to unveil refreshed branding

Scotland’s leading media brand STV has undertaken a review of its branding ahead of the launch of new city TV channel, STV Glasgow.

STV engaged brand agency DixonBaxi to define and refresh its brand across all channels alongside the in-house marketing team.

From 2nd June, STV will have a refreshed look on the core TV and online channels and introduce a new look for news across all of its STV regions. The news branding includes a complete redesign of STV studios with new sets that will incorporate updated branding for news, sport and weather.

Work has also been undertaken on the look of the wider STV business to create a more recognisable brand family with an updated look for STV Productions, STV Commercial and STV Creative.

In addition, brand new city TV channel, STV Glasgow, will launch on the 2nd June with a newly designed logo and channel branding.
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It must be a overhaul to incorporate everything under one logo, apps, STV local, Ch3, online etc Still with that triangle