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There has been alot of talk injunction with the news STV could be on the cards to be getting a re-launch. Personnel I don't think this is on the cards, especial this side of the independence vote.

Has anyone seen or ask about this?
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Well it seems to me they are. STV CEO Rob Woodward was quoted saying this in a Herald article published today.

"We have been holding off upgrading some of our broadcast equipment [as we were] waiting until the government confirmed our licence had been renewed. Off the back of that we have made a significant multi-million pounds investment in broadcasting technology, cameras and some new look sets in all our main locations.

Full article here:
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I hope were not heading back to something like this...

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I just think the current look has been STV strongest brands since the 90s on both stations.
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Are we sure these are for the main channel? And not the new ideats for the STV local channels?