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STV awarded local TV licences for Glasgow and Edinburgh

GTV and ETV (January 2013)

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In commercial terms, football is key. The support base for football, in particular the Old Firm, is far higher than any other. There would be room for rugby and other sports which have decent support though.

While you and I would fine four and a half hours of talk without any pictures incredibly boring, there are some people whose appetite for info on it is insatiable. In my head I have an idea of a Glasgow TV version of Sky Sports News, with rolling news and interviews on a Saturday night, that could gain an audience and not cost a fortune.

Both the BBC Scotland and STV weekend news are always dire. The resources aren't there to do the news in any depth. Five to ten minute slots are far more realistic.
The way Rangers are going there would be a realistic chance of the Glasgow channel picking up some live matches if STV are willing to take the risk, especially if ESPN shut up shop in the summer.

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