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Strictly Come Dancing

(October 2005)

cylon6 London London
Well what did you think? Quite a good crop of performances tonight, it's a shame one of them has to go this evening.
It was an excellent series opener. I just don't know who will go.
Yes I enjoyed watching it all though I thought the judges scores were a little low for everyone. I thought they deserved more.
However, I am only watching it because of Bill Turnbull from Breakfast so hopefully he will go onto win!
cylon6 London London
Fiona Phillips only got 11 points!! Shocked She must be the first one out surely?
Put The Telly On Meridian (South East) South East Today
Apparently, according to DS, most of the dancers have injured themselves.
JamesWorldNews Central World News
Here in BBC Prime land, they are currently showing the original series of SCD, the one that Natasha Kaplinsky won.

Now, I don't particularly care much for the lady, but the episode they showed last night was the one where she danced a fierce and terrifying Spanish style Paso Doble.

It was awesome.
Which of your favourite stars would you like to see on Strictly Come Dancing?

Here's mine:

CBBC Presenter Andrew Hayden Smith
Horse racer Tony McCoy
Doctor Who actor David Tennant
Chef Gino D'Acampo
Chatshow host Paul O’Grady
X Factor judge Louis Walsh

Columnist Vanessa Feltz
Newsreader Kirsty Young
Actress Tina Hobley
Comedienne Jenny Eclair
Actress Maureen Lipman
Chef Lesley Waters
Put The Telly On Meridian (South East) South East Today
I wouldn't have Vanessa Feltz and Jenny Eclair in there - 'standby' celebs.

I'd love to see Terry Wogan as a contestant but he never would though.

On another note, did anyone see Bremner, Bird and Fortune the other night? Rory did a fantastic impression of Brucie and his camp glances to camera. Laughing
The X Factor topped the ratings last night for the second week as the two talent shows went toe to toe.

Overnights posted by pad. on Digital Spy Forums
The X Factor
6.15pm 8.1m 38%
9.05pm 8.3m 35%

Strictly Come Dancing
6.20pm 7m 33%
9.05pm 6.9m 30%
It's no surprise X-Factor is ahead of Strictly Come Dancing even though it's so much rubbish!

Firstly, the show hasbeen allowed to gather a pace over the past few months so Strictly Come Dancing has been on a loser from the word go.

Secondly, the X-Factor is not only trailed at very possible moment on ITV channels but there are so many "Extra" programmes that the station is cleverly producing a real momentum. The BBC needs to give SCD more of a push and it will take the lead easily in my view!!!

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