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Juicy Joe1,599 posts since 25 Dec 2001
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I remember everyone was looking forward to the revival last time and then totally shocked how Harry Hill seemed to ruin it all. To be fair, I didn't think it was as bad as everybody made out it was, but it certainly seemed more of a comedy than a competition. I hope whoever is picked to host, isn't one of ITV's familiar faces.
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VMPhil10,249 posts since 31 Mar 2005
Granada North West Today
Is it a straight revival this time, unlike the Harry Hill one, which was basically a piss take?

I thought Harry’s version was good.

His version killed any nostalgia I had for the show.

I'm sorry, but what a strange reaction. This is like if I decided never to watch any classic Simpsons episodes again because I saw a new one and didn't like it.

For what it's worth, I thought Harry's version was a strange mixture of the original format and Harry's take on it, and ultimately didn't satisfy either people with nostalgia for Stars in Their Eyes or Harry Hill fans. Alien Fun Capsule ended up being a much better follow up to TV Burp. However, I imagine I'd still rather prefer to watch Harry Hill's version than whatever this will be.
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Gary McEwan3,489 posts since 23 May 2011
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It's kind of harking back to the three series that Leslie did with panel making an appearance.

If it's done right and ITV don't feel like mucking about with it, this may turn out to be very good.

It also needs the right host and currently that's someone out with of the current James Grant/ITV roster.
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